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Davao Foreigners...

Foreigners here in Davao city is truly expanding. I mean the percentage of Foreigners in this place is becoming more bigger and it was really great to know that they love this place! They love Philippines! In fact, some nor many of them are already living and working here to get a life. And it was really a pleasure to know that despite the previous bad happenings of those Foreigners who happened to be here before are being hunted by some terrorist still they prefer to stay and live here. Maybe I guess, Philippines is simply amazing were Filipino people is hospitable and respectful.

Eventually, Davao city is known to be one of the best place here in the Philippines were hundreds and thousands of Foreigners prefers to be in this place due to a great ambiance of the place and they probably had a great experience in this place. Besides, Davao City has a lot of great sceneries that you can only found in this place. Scenic views were most Foreigners loves to go over and over again even those local people who used to stay in this place for how many years already.

Foreigners must be welcome and be treated well 'cause if not because of them Philippine Tourism will not be that much popular in the other countries. Aside from that fact, Foreigners is the key to have a better camaraderie among nations to nations. So, to my fellow Filipino people try welcome them as much as you could and let them feel that they are all welcome to stay in our place and roam around all over Philippines.

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