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Its been almost a year now since from the day I started serious blogging way back June last year. I actually hesitated before to pursue this thing ’cause I’m not actually a type of person who really loves writing and giving my feedbacks. But as I keep on hearing from my Sis that she really earns out on her blogs it makes me curious about it. You hear it right! One of the motivating factor that keeps me going to the world of blogging is I wanted to earn. I don’t care what other people say about my blogs nor about me. As long as I enjoy what I do and earn out of it I’m satisfied already! And I guess, God was just so great ’cause after a couple of months of updating my blogs I definitely earn my first payment from one of the blog advertising company.

Anyhow, the impact of blogs nowadays is pretty much awesome simply because there are lots of advertisers already who indulge into the world of blog advertising to the fact that they really gather several customers who will avail their services and products. One of the blog advertising company that I just recently sign-up is the Bloggerwave: Blog: Make Money online. So, to my fellow bloggers who wanted to earn more income on their blogs sign-up now at Bloggerwave.

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