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There are people who are so particular in collecting photo shots and videos of their family affairs such like birthday celebrations, wedding nor wedding anniversaries, fiestas, travel documentation and some other things like that. One specific reason why they tend to collect those memories simply because they want to treasure it ’cause in our life’s journey there are things that we could not remember anymore! And that’s the great thing about having your own cameras and videos recorders ’cause you will got a chance to document all of those. Right? Actually, even I myself I actually collected photos of me from the past to present and guess what if will be able to browse some of my past pictures? It makes me smile ’cause I never thought I’ve grown to be as what I right now! It really inspires us to reminisce all those things in the past. Remember we could not be able to come back to those times anymore….

I’ve got something here to share about video camera in which you might probably interested too. Here..



There are days when you want to take movies but you only have a camera, and there are days where you want to take great stills but you only got a camcorder. The SAMSUNG VP-D907i gives you the ability to capture your subjects in montion, as well as take great stills with its 2.11MP CCD. You get the benefits of its 10x optical zoom and electronic image stabilize, whether it’s your kid’s party or that perfect sunset picture your wife wants to see, and get to save them to MiniDV tapes and memory stick modules.

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