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How to compose your own original poems...

Yeah!… Many nor some of us is highly inclined with poems. In fact, there are people who are really gifted in the sense that they can make nor composed their own personal poems to the extent that they made it as their profession. But are you aware that each of us can our own personal poems? Though it wasn’t be a good as it was like those poetic persons but at least you’ve tried to make your own. The best essence of making your own personal poems is this should came from the bottom of your heart. I mean you composed it with all your knowings in accordance with what you feel ’cause if not it will just turns out to be the worst poem ever!

I wrote poems actually! But I’m not that really a certified poetic person. I just make what comes out to my mind and what I feel. Here is some guidelines which I think might be useful for you too…

NOTE: This is just my guidelines. You can adopt it or not.

  1. Think of your subject. Absolutely! ‘Cause it is were your bases came from to go further on making your poem.
  2. Be creative. In the sense of rhyming the both ends of the poems. This really helps to make your poem interesting.
  3. Use understandable words. Definitely! Don’t use words that you only understand it. I mean your readers will not understand it directly.
  4. Accept Criticism. Let your work be criticized by your readers and don’t be offended ’cause it is were you will learn.
  5. Learn from experience. After your work is being criticized learn from it. Spend time to make your poem ’cause creating quality poems is not easy it takes time, effort, and knowledge to do it.

That’s it!. Hope this one will help you guys!… Have a nice day everyone!

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