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Native Town Vacation....

Absolutely! I never thought that I’ll gonna stay for a quite sometime here in my native town Iligan City! A place were my heart belongs! I stayed here already for about almost 1 month for this month. There’s a lot of things happened and its really quite too long to elaborate it here what had happened for the past weeks I had here. Actually, my little Nephew celebrated his 6th birthday here. Aside from that, my Sis came home to Japan in just a week to visit his husband. That was actually the plan why we had a quite so long vacation here in Iligan. Because for the following month they’ll be back again to Japan ’cause they cannot leave alone with my Bord-In-Law. Besides, that idea is quite recommended in order to avoid misconceptions between both of them and in order to witnessed the growing stage of my second nephew. Other than that, we do really had a quite family reunion since we all came home including my Bro who used to live in Makati City already to find his destiny.

Theres a lot of things happened and I couldn’t exactly elaborate anymore according to details but for sure the real essence of this vacation is we are reunited once more after a couple of years we been away from our family way back home. Thanks to my Mom, Dad, Sis, and Bro who were there and of course to my Granny who used to be one of my inspiration in obtaining my goal. I’ll show you later for some photos we’ve taken during our get together. Have a nice day everyone!

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