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Reflection Time!

Well, nobody knows how grateful and thankful I am for reaching this stage of my life. No one could ever describe how I feel in particular aspects of my journey. Even my family nor my girlfriend didn’t know what exact what I feel as I continue to search my goal after all the failures, success and victories I got. They all just know half of me. But I guess, time will definitely come that I will share all my ups and down to the person I want to be with for the rest of my life. As of now, I’m still searching my path as to where I wanted to be and hopefully I’ll be able to pursue all my plans not just for my own good but for my family and future family too.

At this age, I know I’m still young and there are lots of opportunities I’ll encounter somehow. I just do hope that whatever it is I’ll can handle it care to the best of my abilities. Living a life like this is such a pleasure ’cause not all of us is given a chance to enjoy everything though I don’t have everything but I’m pretty much happy of what I got and have been through. Why? ‘Cause there are people out there who do have everything but still they are not satisfied yet! So, how about those people who wants everything? I guess, they all must have given a chance too!

So, for those people out there have a great life ahead. Enjoy and cherish every days of your life ’cause you could not merely come back that times ’cause life is just a miracle which we owe it from GOD. Have a blessed day everyone!…c”,)

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