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Working Abroad!

Yikes! Just love to share this with you! My employer already called me up already yesterday for the approval of my application. I was so happy about it! ‘Cause for quite some time I been waiting for the result of my application I really had a good fruit on it. Actually, he was still informing me that my application is now approved and I still have to wait for a little bet more time for the processing of my working permit visa and they’ll just keep in touch with me for further clarifications on things that I need to do.

Anyhow, I’m actually hoping that as soon as possible they’ll contact me for some important matters to discuss. Hopefully, God will really grant this opportunity to me. I’m still not convinced with the information I receive though I feel happy about it but still not satisfied! Maybe if I already had the working permit Visa with me and my flight is ready I guess that’s the only time I’ll be convinced! Please help me pray guys. I really need this job as I am so eager already to have a stable career ’cause time was so fast! I’m not getting any younger! And still have a lot of plans to pursue. So, hopefully this will be the stepping stone. Wish me luck everyone!…c”,)

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June 20, 2008 at 5:56 AM

Hey Wilson...

Just hopping here to see what you're up to nowadays. Sure glad to read this entry. I can relate with not really being convinced until you have a flight and a working visa...but..I had both my first time teaching in Taiwan. Guess what? I got held up at the airport...nyek...kasi wala akong POEA?? My co-teachers didn't have it but they were able to leave kasi 'daw' we're considered as 'expats' dahil teachers. Sus!. Expatriates or not, I decided to attend the seminar and do it just like the other overseas workers. It was a very 'scary' experience kasi it was a first...but after that, everything went well na. My other co-teachers who are still working in Taiwan...they still don't do POEA...not sure why I was singled out...cute kasi siguro....hahahahaha.

Goodluck, crossing all that I can cross here for you [even crossing the road...hehe] and your success.